Where 2016’s CEO SleepOut™ Funds Went: The Steve Biko Foundation

Where 2016’s CEO SleepOut™ Funds Went: The Steve Biko Foundation

A look at the Legacy Projects created out of funds from The 2016 CEO SleepOut™ by The Steve Biko Foundation.

The Sun International CEO SleepOut™, driven by social enterprise The Philanthropic Collection, sees business leaders spend a night on the streets, raising funds and gaining empathy for the homeless. The CEO SleepOut™ is the main fundraising Event presented by the SleepOut™ Movement, which is sustained through Projects throughout the year.

In 2016, the focus was on education, as a vital means to eradicating homelessness for future generations. R20, 198 982 million (as audited by BDO) was collected through the 2016 Event. Our Primary Beneficiary Partners, The ASHA Trust, Columba Leadership, and The Steve Biko Foundation – all of which focus on education and early childhood development – were awarded donations of R3 million each in December 2016, to use towards specific Legacy Projects.

The Steve Biko Foundation

The Steve Biko Foundation (SBF) is a community development organisation inspired by the legacy of the late anti-apartheid activist. Its vision is to be the premier independent promoter of the values that Steve Biko lived and died for: restoring people to their true humanity. Recognising the link between economic realities and human dignity, SBF seeks to empower individuals and communities through education and training initiatives in order to develop sustainable livelihoods.

Funds will be used to facilitate the following 4 programs at the Steve Biko Centre in the King William’s Town region of the Eastern Cape:

Steve Biko Foundation Infographic

These aren’t just words, neatly packaged to sound helpful in theory; these are the very real concepts on which the global movement of positive change is built. It’s with these ideas that The CEO SleepOut™ is turning old world philanthropy on its head; getting business leaders to sleep on the streets to raise funds and empathy for the homeless in The CEO SleepOut™ event; and sparking conversations that truly lead to worldwide action. www.theceosleepoutza.co.za.

By Kim Garner.

Kim Garner is a writer and editor who has worked extensively as a trends, lifestyle, and human-interest journalist for 12 years. As Editor and Content Manager for The CEO SleepOut™ , she is deeply invested in the ideas of social entrepreneurship. On this platform, she writes about and researches the global trends of corporate philanthropy, social innovation and the philosophy of using profits for purpose – and looks at how they translate in a South African context.