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The Trustees of The CEO SleepOut™ Trust would like to extend their sincere apologies if they have offended anyone in their quest to raise funds for worthy causes, as this is certainly not its intent.  The CEO SleepOut™ Trust has as its goal to receive donations from third parties in relation to The CEO SleepOut™ Events, provide funding and support services, and ensure the funds are disseminated to the appointed Primary Beneficiaries with absolute transparency and accountability.

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Prison-to-College Pipeline Secondary Beneficiary


The 2018 SleepOut Movement embodies a Special Chapter, The Nelson Mandela CEO SleepOut – Liliesleaf Edition; a tribute to Madiba’s lasting legacy in his centennial year.

On Wednesday 11 July 2018, some  100 C-Suite Leaders as Company Hosts – each of whom may bring four Distinguished Guests from their company who have, in their view, contributed to making SA a better place and who embody Mandela’s inherent leadership qualities – to #RiseToTheChallenge and spend a winter’s night at the iconic Liliesleaf Farm and Museum in Rivonia, Johannesburg.

The Nelson Mandela South Africa SleepOut and The Nelson Mandela School SleepOut™ Events (both empowered by Liliesleaf) also take place on Wednesday 18 July 2018 across the country.

This year The CEO SleepOut™ Trust’s Primary Beneficiaries Liliesleaf Farm and Museum and The Qunu Food Security Project were chosen for their commitment to Education, Community Upliftment and Nutrition; three of the five pillars that alleviate homelessness alongside Shelter and Healthcare.

#YesterdayTodayTomorrow talks both to Participants helping securing the future for all, and Mandela’s passion for gardening. The Brunfelsia, commonly known as the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant is symbolic of our Mission.

Our Mission

The SleepOut Movement was born out of a desire to address homelessness as a threat to human dignity and the realisation of fundamental human rights.

The SleepOut Movement is underpinned by the philosophies of social innovation and engaging business as A Force For Change.

Powered by The Philanthropic Collection (Pty) Ltd, the movement is equally focused on raising funds and allowing Participants to gain a genuine empathy for vulnerable communities and the homeless through their experience, as this is where a truly philanthropic mindset begins, which leads to continuous and sustainable social change.

The SleepOut Movement has raised more money than any other single overnight event in South Africa’s history.

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About Us

Explore The SleepOut Movement, The CEO SleepOut Events, its Satellite Events, The CEO SleepOut Trust, and the Movement’s production content arm, 1World.

Our History

In just under 36 months, The CEO SleepOut has donated over R38 million to appointed Primary Beneficiaries.


(In Just Under 36-Months)

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Our Philosophy

It’s time to use our influence
to create a world that works for humankind
to be both human and kind

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The CEO SleepOut Trust’s goal is to receive donations from third parties in relation to The CEO SleepOut Events, to provide funding and support services, and to ensure the funds are disseminated to the appointed Primary Beneficiaries with absolute transparency and accountability.

The CEO SleepOut Trust is also responsible for ensuring the smooth activation of The Beneficiaries’ Legacy Projects, born out of the funds raised from The CEO SleepOut Events.

EFG Incorporated (Pty) Ltd, the Trust’s Legal Advisors have revised The Trust Deed and FAQs for 2018.