there is nothing quite like the love, devotion and generosity that comes from the foresight
of those who bring dignity to others. they are the superstars of sustainable change.

Beneficiaries are selected because of their work within the 5 pillars required to integrate vulnerable communities back into society; shelter, healthcare, education, nutrition, and community. The inaugural CEO SleepOut, in 2015, focused on all 5 pillars when it awarded funds to Girls and Boys Town. In 2016, we focused on education. This year, our Primary Beneficiary works tirelessly to create safe spaces for vulnerable communities.

The SheEO SleepOut is focusing its efforts on shelter – especially for abandoned and vulnerable babies and children. Our Primary Beneficiary has been specifically chosen because of their commitment to creating caring spaces for those who can not fight for themselves. We salute you.

The CEO SleepOut Trust appointed Child Development and Protection Consultant, Luke Lamprecht, to spearhead the Beneficiary selection process. The CEO SleepOut Trust and Luke Lamprecht also engaged with an expert panel, who guided the selection with considered comment and rankings. The panel included:

Caroline Rose: former CEO of The Thusanani Children’s Foundation, Caroline qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1994 and has applied her trade in The UK and South Africa. With over 20 years of experience, Caroline is a respected Occupational Therapist & Child Specialist,

Dr Janet Lumb: an adoption paediatrician, performing medicals on abandoned and neglected babies in the Gauteng area for The Thusanani Children’s Foundation,

and Katinka Pieterse: with 20 years of experience as a social worker in the child protection field, Katinka is currently the CEO and Director of Abba Specialist Adoptions & Social Services. She is also a chairperson on the National Adoption Coalition of South Africa.

18 organisations were invited to apply in phase one of the application process, due to their work creating safe, secure spaces specifically for babies and children. Organisations were asked to complete an initial qualifying checklist with relevant documentation, to ensure they were a registered and legitimate non-profit organisation. 7 organisations responded. In phase two, they were asked to fill out a more in-depth application and outline their plans for a Legacy Project that would be created out of the funds awarded.

These applications were then examined and rated by the expert panel. Members of The CEO SleepOut Trust, and Luke Lamprecht then met to consider the applications and the expert comments. Taking all into consideration, the Trust and Luke Lamprecht selected the final Primary Beneficiary; Door of Hope.This year’s Participants will raise funds for Door of Hope, which aims to save abandoned babies and find safe and loving family environments for them. Door of Hope will ultimately use the awarded funds towards a 2017 CEO SleepOut Legacy Project, a long-term safe and caring Village for South Africa’s vulnerable children. Find out more by downloading the Legacy Project outline here.

Primary Beneficiary

Door of Hope

“We are humbled and honoured to be working alongside The CEO SleepOut for the 2017 initiative. It is a wonderful global brand to be associated with. Every child matters and together we can save more lives, and bridge a better world.”

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Secondary Beneficiaries

Homeless Talk

“We hope that through these projects we can assist those that need it most in our country, and create awareness that there are many people who need our assistance.” - Jaco Koekemoer, CEO Caxton Coldset Printers

Homeless Talk benefits from our Annual Special Edition Publication, HopeTalk, which is given for free to the street vendors who sell the Homeless Talk newspaper, to sell for R10 and keep the proceeds. The CEO SleepOut Champions comprising Partners, Stakeholders, Sponsors and Friends also purchase advertising space in the publication, and these funds are awarded to Homeless Talk, to be used towards salaries as well as items needed to sustain the newspaper such as computers, software and printers for the Homeless talk offices.

“We commend the CEOs for going beyond “cheque book charity” by actually sleeping a night in the open,” – The Salvation Army.

 The Salvation Army benefits from our Special Edition Publication, Empathy. In 2016, a coffee-table book was created in collaboration with acclaimed photographer Debbie Yazbek, The CEO SleepOut, Sun International, Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers and The Salvation Army. It features haunting images of homeless community members, and tells their uniquely personal stories. Order a copy for R500 by emailing info@theceosleepoutza.co.za. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the book is awarded to The Salvation Army.



“The breakfast many homeless people received the morning after The 2016 CEO SleepOut was, in many cases, the only meal some would eat that day. The impact of a free meal upon the inner-city homeless people is hugely profound,” - Badr Kazi, Corporate and Government Liaison Manager of The Gift of the Givers.

After the main SheEO SleepOut Event, we will work closely with Gift of the Givers, and invite members of the local homeless community to the Event venue, where they are able to take all items from the Event, including wood, blankets, clothes, cardboard and food. In 2016, 1000 homeless community members, aided by Gift of the Givers, benefitted from the Event’s items, which had a value of over R3 million. They were also given a cooked breakfast.