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The 2016 Sun International CEO SleepOut™ Event powered by Jacaranda FM raised R20, 737 279.00 million
(as audited by BDO).

The 2016 Event focused on Education — one of the Five Pillars required to sustainably integrate the homeless back into society. These pillars are Shelter, Nutrition, Health, Education and Community.

In addition to the fundraising, participants took part in various activities, from making food to donating clothes and blankets, to benefit the local community. In addition, the shacks constructed and used for the Event were donated to the Zandspruit and Itsoseng Local Communities. Over 600 books collected at the Event were donated by the #4Leaders4Change, and awarded to the Primary Beneficiaries— The ASHA TrustColumba Leadership and The Steve Biko Foundation.

The funds were used to support The CEO SleepOut Trust Legacy Projects of the three Primary Beneficiaries — all of which up-skill youth and youth educators. The CEO SleepOut Trust requests that The Beneficiaries create Legacy Projects borne out of the funds received from the Trust. The Legacy Projects don’t form part of The Beneficiary’s day-to-day activities and operations, but rather are something unique borne of The CEO SleepOut Events, donated by The CEO SleepOut Trust.

Here we look at how the three Primary Beneficiaries created their respective R3 460 000.00 Legacy Projects:



The ASHA Trust provides relevant training and mentoring that empowers informal crèche owners and Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners to provide safe and stimulating places of care. Specifically, the ASHA Trust used:

  • R622 000.00 from April 2017 – March 2018 to help women in poorer townships develop their knowledge and skills to be able to deliver quality early childhood care and to run sustainable Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres
  • R850 000.00 from November 2017 – March 2018 to bring the content of ASHA’s existing training programmes in line with the new QCTO ECD qualification
  • R424 000.00 to expand into the North West by establishing 20-30 creches
  • R684 000.00 to expand into the Western Cape by developing 23 ECD sites to cater for about 700 children between the ages of 0-6 years.
  • R865 000.00 for the ASHA sustainability fund to reduce the organisation’s reliance on donors.

Download Where 2016’s CEO SleepOut Funds Went: The ASHA TRUST here.



Columbia Leadership used the funds to commit to executing its Leadership Programme in five schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal over three years. Specifically, the charity used:

  • R3 340 000.00 is being used to cover 11 cohorts of participants (composed of Principal Educators and Grade 11 Learners) at five different schools for between 1-3 years.
  • R120 000.00 was used to help construct a dedicated Leadership Facility for the charity.

Download Where 2016’s SleepOut Funds Went: Columba Leadership here.


The Steve Biko Foundation

This community development organisation used the funds to facilitate four programs at the Steve Biko Centre in the King William’s Town region of the Eastern Cape in 2017. Specifically, The Steve Biko Foundation used:

  • R140 000.00 to conduct five youth dialogues about local and global socio-economic issues. These dialogues engaged 500 youth and reached 300 000 through broadcast media.
  • R1 295 000.00 to improve the skills of young, emerging artists and to e expose them to global trends. This included supporting the accreditation of the Abelusi curriculum in performing arts, English language learning, writing and other training.
  • R592 000.00 to serve 1 500 people through the Business Incubator, which addresses the needs of small, medium and micro-enterprises
  • R1 235 000.00 for the daily operation of the Library, the Matric Rewrite and Adult Basic Education and Training courses, as well as the Community Media Centre with its network of computers.
  • R298 000.00 funded administration costs at 9.1%.

Download Where 2016’s SleepOut Funds Went: Steve Biko Foundation here.


In addition to the funds generated, the Social Return on Investment (SROI), and increase in empathy, as a result of the Event has been calculated as producing a social value of R1: R4:24 equating to a figure of R41-Million (which excluded the R20 737 279.00 raised from The Event). In addition, the media reach of the Event had an advertising value of R22-Million, according to the Ornico Campaign Report. Download The 2016 Social Return on Investment Analysis here and The 2016 Media Campaign Report here.

If we combine the R20 737 279.00 Million raised at the event, the R41-Million of social value created by the event, and the R22-Million of advertising value, The 2016 CEO SleepOut Event generated at total of R83 737 279.00 Million that has enabled and that continues to support philanthropic efforts in Education here in South Africa.

These aren’t just words, neatly packed to sound helpful “in theory”; these are the very real concepts on which the global movement of positive change is built.
It’s with these ideas that The Philanthropic Collection home to The CEO SleepOut is turning old world philanthropy on its head;
getting business leaders to sleep on the streets to raise funds and gain empathy for the homeless in The CEO SleepOut Event;
and sparking conversations that truly lead to worldwide action.


The Movement In Numbers: 2016 – View Online

By Ali Gregg