"You can start changing our world for the better daily, no matter how small the action"
-Nelson Mandela-

Everything you need to know about The Nelson Mandela CEO  SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition.

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Movement for Change.

Should your query not be covered, please email info@theceosleepout.co.za and a member of our Dream Team will respond as soon as possible.

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Event Details

The Nelson Mandela CEO  SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

 Liliesleaf Museum and Farm

The map to the location

Start time

06h00 Thursday 10 July 2018

Minimum Temp
On average 0°C

Event Schedule
This information will be made available in the weeks leading up to the Event.

For more information about specific details, please refer to our contact details.

The SleepOut™’s mission in 2018 will be embodied by its Special Chapter, The Nelson Mandela CEO SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition.

On Wednesday 11 July 2018, we aim to get 200 C-Suite Leaders as Company Hosts, each of whom may bring 4  Distinguished Guests from their company who have, in their view, contributed to making SA a better place and who embody Mandela’s inherent leadership qualities – to #RiseToTheChallenge and spend a winter’s night at the iconic Liliesleaf Farm and Museum in Rivonia, Johannesburg.

#YesterdayTodayTomorrow talks both to Participants helping securing the future for all, and Mandela’s passion for gardening, with the Brunfelsia, commonly known as the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant, symbolic of our Mission.

To be eligible to participate in The Nelson Mandela CEO  SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition, the Company Host must be a –

  • C-Suite executive of a company of any size: Board member, Chairperson, CEO, CFO, CIO, Financial Director or President.
  • A Senior Executive of any large company: Managing Director, Managing Partner, Vice President.
  • A board member representing our Champions: Partners, Stakeholders, Sponsors or Friends of The SleepOut™ Movement.

Each Company Host may bring 4 Distinguished Guests, who embody Madiba’s leadership and humanitarian qualities.

1 000 Participants will thus #RiseToTheChallenge and reflect on the most vulnerable in our society – the homeless, on one of Johannesburg’s coldest nights of the year.

The Nelson Mandela CEO  SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition reserves the right of admission prior to and at the event.

To register as a Participant in The Nelson Mandela CEO  SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition, you will need to visit the Register page.

Here, as the Company Host – you will upload your Company Logo and tell us your

  • Personal and Company Details
  • South African ID / Passport number
  • Personal social media details
  • Company website address and social media details
  • Your Birthday Message for Madiba
  • The details of your 4 Distinguished Guests
  • Fund-raising goal alongside your mandatory R150 000.00 participation pledge

Your details will be used to create a personal Profile Page on The CEO SleepOut web page which can be edited at any time by you.

In addition, an auction with bidding beginning at R250 000.00, will be held for Madiba’s outside bedroom at Liliesleaf Farm and Museum where Madiba spent countless hours writing, reading and reflecting. A portion of the funds raised here will be awarded to The Prison-to-College Pipeline (P2CP).

To participate in The Nelson Mandela CEO  SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition, there is a mandatory pledge that must be raised to the value of R150 000.00. However, you are welcome to raise further funds towards a goal amount of your choosing, over and above the mandatory pledge.

Colleagues and friends are welcome to donate towards your mandatory pledge and goal via EFT or credit card, personally or on behalf of your company. In this way you can exceed your pledge – and work towards an even more generous goal. Each donation received from colleagues in your company will be eligible for an 18A Tax Certificate, and can enhance your organisation’s BBB-EEE score-card rating if applicable.

Things do get competitive! Get creative and try out-raise other Business Leaders who will be taking part. Reach out to your networks, explore your company’s CSI and discretionary spend or spread the word to your family and friends.

Along with donating towards the CEOs, supporters can also SMS a donation. Should you wish to donate R10 to a Participant via SMS, SMS the Participant’s unique code (indicated in the donate form) to 38222.

The CEO SleepOut Trust and SleepOut™ Brands focuses on Primary Beneficiaries who work within the 5 Pillars required for the Homeless and Vulnerable to be reintegrated into the community – namely

  1. Shelter
  2. Nutrition
  3. Healthcare
  4. Education
  5. Community

Portions of your generous pledges and other donations will be awarded to The CEO SleepOut Trust’s appointed Primary Beneficiaries, who work within this year’s focus Pillars; Community, Education and Nutrition.


Recognised as one of South Africa’s leading heritage sites, Liliesleaf Farm and Museum opened to the public in June 2008, and has since attracted thousands of local and international visitors, eager to understand and engage with a pivotal period in South Africa’s liberation struggle. The museum pays testimony to the many lives that changed the political landscape of this country and through its educational programmes, appeals to younger audiences to face today’s challenges with creative enthusiasm.


The Qunu Food Security Project is operated by Dr Brylyne Chitsunge – the Pan African Ambassador for Food  Security In Africa – and a tireless advocate for food security. She plans to develop a platform for Agricultural Stakeholders to work within the Qunu Community on Mandela’s farm ensuring the development of agriculture within South Africa.

The funds received will determine how many farmers are trained, the amount of product supplied and the number of bursaries for 2019 students.

To find out more about how our philosophy and donation practices please read The CEO SleepOut Movement FAQs.

Positioned as a Secondary Beneficiary is The Prison-to-College Pipeline (P2CP). P2CP is an innovative educational programme begun in New York that provides prisoners with access to public university-level education, mentorship, and community support to increase their chances of timely graduation and employment upon release. This initiative is being replicated in South Africa.

Working with globally acclaimed filmmaker Kristi Jacobson from Catalyst Films, P2CP will include the filming of The 2018 Sleepout™ Movements Events, which will be turned into an International Documentary based on Mandela and the importance of education within the Prison System.

P2CP will receive a portion of the funding raised from the auction of Mandela’s outside bedroom at Liliesleaf Farm & Museum.

A member of the media is able to register to attend and cover The Nelson Mandela CEO  SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition.

Register here.

As space is limited we will allocate specific time slots to the media, and let you know of your allocated slot closer to the time. For more info email: media@theceosleepoutza.co.za

Each year, The SleepOut ™ Movement’s affiliated content production brand, 1World™, creates Special Edition Publications.

HopeTalk™ is given to the street vendors who sell Homeless Talk. They are able to sell the publication for R20.00 and keep the proceeds. Advertising is sold in this publication, and a portion of proceeds is then donated to Homeless Talk to pay salaries and maintain their offices.

Linked to The Nelson Mandela School SleepOut – Empowered by Liliesleaf: For The Tomorrow Trust, is our Special Edition Digital Publication, KIDLandthropy™. KIDlanthropy is an accessible resource that helps youth in Grades 6 to 12 understand not only why it’s crucial to become a socially active and aware citizen, but which also gives them ideas and avenues to do just this.

More than a simple blog, KIDLanthropy™ is a movement embracing Social Innovation. Importantly, it’s rooted in the real world as well as cyberspace, and serves as a practical online tool to help Participants make the most of their School SleepOut™, while inculcating a spirit of philanthropy which will serve them – and benefit their greater communities – in years to come.

Should you wish to advertise in these publications, please email info@theceosleepoutza.co.za for a Rate Card.


Use Your Tool Kit

Upon registration, you will be sent a Tool Kit, which contains all our Brand Bible, collateral and information. We encourage you to make full use of this Toolkit. The SleepOut Movement and affiliated brands are covered by trademark, and correct usage of the brand is crucial.


Spread The Message

While your financial pledge is a generous contribution to the movement of change, each Participant is also asked to help us gain exposure, to spread the message of transformation, and help bring attention to the plight of South Africa’s homeless communities.

To help you spread the message, we suggest you download and use our branded e-signature, Facebook Cover Image or Twitter Cover Image, designed to let your peers know you are taking part. These can be found in your Toolkit, which will be emailed to you after registration.

You can also engage with us on social media. Visit our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram pages, and share our message with your networks.

We ask that you assist in getting others involved too. Challenge other CEOs to take part in The Event or to join The Movement as a supporter.

You can also visit our On-Line Shop where Participants of The Nelson Mandela CEO  SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition, The Nelson Mandela South Africa SleepOut™ and The Nelson Mandela School SleepOut™ Events (both Empowered by Liliesleaf) can purchase items that will be helpful for their Events, including warm clothes which can be co-branded with their own logo.

On the night of The Nelson Mandela CEO SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition you are only expected to arrive with an open mind and open heart. To throw yourself into the fleeting experience of being homeless, and take the time to reflect, discuss, and commit to finding a better way forward for all South Africans. Share your story on your social media channels using #RiseToTheChallenge, #SleepOut4Mandela, #CEOSleepOutZA, and #YesterdayTodayTomorrow.

After the Event, you will be sent a questionnaire, in which you will be asked to let us know about your SleepOut, and how it affected you. This is incredibly valuable for us, in order for IQ Business to measure the Social Return on Investment, and the impact of the Event. We would be grateful if you respond.

As a participant and guest of The Nelson Mandela CEO  SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition, your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We have taken every precaution to ensure you have a safe and successful SleepOut. We have implemented strict safety measures for the night that will be enforced by our leaders and staff at the event.

As per feedback received, we have heeded your call.  Each Participant at The Nelson Mandela CEO SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition will only be provided with

  • Secure parking
  • Shuttle services to and from your parking spot and the Event venue (details about parking and shuttles will be emailed to you in the weeks leading up to the Event)
  • Top -notch security
  • 12-hour medical on-site assistance
  • Required ablution facilities
  • Soup and a bread roll
  • Coffee and tea
  • Bottled water
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A fleece blanket

The Nelson Mandela CEO SleepOut™ – Liliesleaf Edition is a fully recycled Event and working with Gift Of The Givers, all elements used will be ‘Paid Forward’ to communities in need the morning following the Event. With this in mind, you will not be given any extravagant goody bags or be able to take anything home with you.

As a general guideline, the ethos for the Event is to commit to the idea of truly experiencing homelessness for the night.

We ask that you comply with the Event’s Ethos of ‘arriving with nothing and leaving with nothing’. We do ask that you don’t forget:

  • Warm clothes. This is mid-winter, and you will be outdoors. A warm heart and open mind will help too
  • Your personal medications
  • A smartphone or tablet to engage with us on social media and share your experience
  • Please note: we are not liable for any loss of items on the night

Please refrain from bringing:

  • Luxury bedding: pillows, duvets etc. The aim is to commit to sleeping rough for one night.
  • Valuables. While a secure storage area will be provided, we suggest you do not bring extremely valuable items, or extra and unnecessary electronic equipment.
  • Alcohol. All alcohol is strictly prohibited as this is time for reflection.

Only eligible and registered Participants can attend The Nelson Mandela CEO Sleepout™ – Liliesleaf Edition.

Prior to the Event, you can challenge other eligible people to register. Should your colleagues wish to show support, invite them to SleepOut elsewhere in solidarity with you, by participating in a Nelson Mandela South Africa SleepOut™ – Empowered By Liliesleaf, where they can spend a night outdoors at their office parks. You can also encourage schools #RiseToTheChallenge in The Nelson Mandela School SleepOut– Empowered by Liliesleaf.

Regretfully, pets must remain in their familiar home environments.

As we hope to get every Participant to fully commit to roughing it for one night, in an effort to gain understanding of homelessness, we ask that you do not leave early (with the exception of having a medical condition). While the itinerary may change, start times and end times will not. Please plan accordingly.