transformation happens when we share a common goal;
to bridge the gap between “us” and “them”, towards a united “we”

At The CEO SleepOut, we engage business as a force for good. Our mission is driven by the philosophy of our home, The Philanthropic Collection, which is a social enterprise focused on finding new approaches to philanthropy. Our goals are created by The Philanthropic Collection and The CEO SleepOut Trust, and followed by our brands; The CEO SleepOut, The Sympathy, South Africa and School SleepOuts, and 1World, the Special Edition Content we produce.


The big picture view is that The CEO SleepOut is a venture created by The Philanthropic Collection, a social enterprise that collaborates with businesses to change heart- and mind-sets. Through collaborations such as The CEO SleepOut, The Philanthropic Collection is ushering in a new season of philanthropy, which approaches creating capital, with a conscience, for those who need it most in the same way we approach running a business; with daring goals and unbelievable dreams.

The CEO SleepOut's mission in 2017 revolves around its Special Chapter, the SheEO SleepOut. We aim to get female business leaders to Rise To The Challenge – and participate in The SheEO SleepOut Event. We aim to get 250 female leaders to spend the night outdoors at The Union Buildings in Pretoria on 8 August 2017, to gain empathy for the homeless and raise funds - through personal donations and support from their colleagues. A portion of these funds will be awarded to our Primary Beneficiary, Door of Hope.

Each year, our mission focuses on addressing one of the five primary Pillars needed to integrate the homeless back into society; shelter, nutrition, healthcare, education and community. This year, the Pillar we will focus on is shelter - specifically for vulnerable and abandoned babies and children. Our Beneficiaries work tirelessly in this arena, to create safe spaces for young people.

Reaching even further than that, we are calling on all citizens to spend the night outdoors, in solidarity. We’re asking companies, groups and schools to participate in their own Sympathy, South Africa and School SleepOuts, in office parks, outdoor locations and schools across the country. These participants are tasked with collecting items for one, or more, of our Satellite Beneficiaries, selected with the guidance of Child Development and Protection Consultant, Luke Lamprecht, and a panel of childcare experts, who work across the nine provinces of South Africa, also creating shelter for abandoned babies and children.

Eventually, we hope to get all of South Africa to participate in a SleepOut, and give generously to those who need it most.