South Africa Sleepout - Rise to the challenge

The South Africa SleepOut invites groups of 12 or more citizens across the country to be sleepless in South Africa – and spend the night outdoors, in solidarity with Participants of The She-EO SleepOut, collecting items for satellite beneficiaries in need.

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Event Details

Engage your friends and family; think sports teams, clubs, hobby groups and more, and arrange your own South Africa SleepOut on any night between 1 June and 8 August 2017. Find out more about how to plan your event here.


The items you collect at your South Africa SleepOut will be awarded to a 2017 Satellite Beneficiary of your choosing. Learn about the Satellite Beneficiaries here.


Register now as a South Africa SleepOut group of Participants, and be sleepless in South Africa, outdoors, during June, July or August 2017, collecting items for vulnerable communities.

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Challenge a Group

Do you know of another group, that should arrange their own SleepOut? Challenge them to register as a South Africa SleepOut Participant.


Meet the generous groups that have already committed to being sleepless in South Africa, and collecting items for those in need at a South Africa SleepOut in 2017.

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Esmero Cycling Club
Marist Brothers Linmeyer
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See what our South Africa SleepOut Participants are talking about this week.

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Meet our South Africa SleepOut Brand Ambassadors, who are spreading
the message of positive social change – and calling on groups to participate
in The South Africa SleepOut.


We salute our extraordinary South Africa SleepOut Champions: Stakeholders, Partners, Sponsors and Friends – who come together to support our mission to create positive social change.

Media Registration

Members of the media can register here to attend and cover a South Africa SleepOut.

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Media Centre

Information is key. Download our Toolkits,
photos, press releases, reports and news
related to The South Africa SleepOut.

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SleepOut Boutique

Browse and buy at The SleepOut Boutique, where purchasing items over a certain amount results in much-needed Gift for Good hampers being donated to our Satellite Beneficiaries.


Read about the latest trends, ideas and news coming out of the expanding world of social entrepreneurship and social innovation.


Find out all the information about the 2017 South Africa SleepOut – or contact us for more details.